“Paying respect to the slow pace of print, The Exposed magazine is the closest we’ve seen to a perfect merge between print and digital.”
Stine Fantoft Berg, Stack Magazines

“In some ways The Exposed is unremarkable. Neither is it overwhelmed by the technology, instead they concentrate on telling stories in ways that suit the various media they’re using. This strikes me as an intelligent way forward for combining different types of content.”
Jeremy Leslie, MagCulture

The inaugural issue of The Exposed Magazine features five young artists on a journey. Photographers investigating past and present events relating to their cultural identity. Our contributors are telling stories that go beyond still photography, interconnecting it with sound, video, sculpture and archival materials.

The Exposed App will take you beyond the printed page.
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Place your iPhone over an image and an augmented play button appears. With just a tap on the button, you can trigger audio and video content.

Get a copy of The Exposed Magazine and download The Exposed App on iTunes App Store. Look for images marked with the eye or ear icons and use the app to trigger accompanying digital content. Headphones are recommended!